Rebecca Harris - The Garden of Life

The Garden of Life: Inspired by the science of invasive plants and computer viruses, and drawing influence from artificial intelligence and generative design, The Garden of Life imagines a speculative environment as part of an ongoing interrogation into the relationship between two realms; the physical, natural realm of ‘real life’ versus the synthetic, virtual world of the computer. In the liminal space between these often paradoxical zones, Harris builds an immersive installation that revolves around her virtual garden that lives, grows and dies with near-complete independence.

Originally from Cornwall, Rebecca Harris is a London based artist currently studying for a MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths. On moving to London in 2012 to pursue her BA in Mixed Media Fine Art, Rebecca’s practice has continued to take inspiration from the realms of science, technology and nature. In particular, Harris’ interest lie in the relationship between nature and technology, and what form that may take in the future. Largely concept driven, her work manifests in a variety of mediums often utilising found or recycled materials.