Qi Tan - Moon in the Water

Moon in the Water: Moon in the Water is a mixed reality (MR) artwork that brings you into an interspace between real and virtual world. In this interspace that physical and digital objects will co-exist and interact in real time. Through HMD (head-mounted display) -based augmented reality (AR) system, you can experience the underwater living just in the exhibition location you are standing. You will immerse into a fantasy that impossible scenes happen: ocean creatures are swimming around you, real light diffuses into virtual water changing its colors irregularly. The water level moves according to your head movement, it is your decision how much you are in the real world and how much you are in the virtual one. What is reality and what is virtuality? The Buddhist metaphor “moon in the water” reveals this illusion: real as virtual and virtual as real, void as exist and exist as void.

Qi Tan is an artist, designer and lecturer in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. She is now a visiting researcher at Goldsmiths. Her creation and research areas are including time-based art, interactive installation and computer vision. Through making and programming art, she attempts to explore and create the diversity and possibility of existence in the Second Nature that is a mixed reality in between virtual and real world. This Second Nature is not only according to innate nature, but also to transform and renovate it.