Marija B Jones - techSent®

techSent®: A performance/ installation which examines the altering value system technological implementation brings. Physical subjectification and virtual representation converse with each other and with the environment: a relationality between autonomous unities, based upon artificial empathy and affect. Text, speech, light and gestures consolidate into the performance, interactive and interchangeble; they act as symbols exploring the current state of emotions’ commodification by technocapitalism via affective computing, AI, machine learning and data analytics, amongst others.The human and the technological sensually merge: a voice controlled laser projection navigates different levels of sensoriality via meditative to factual body texts’ interplay, where the human nervous system and the cybernetic system feed one another. Always female – voice and gesture translate into digital signal while the synthetically generated voice explores her own limits of emulating human empathy. A soft and sentient, yet complex interrelation generates its dynamics through vocalisation through MBJ Wetware as a proxy personification.

MBJ’s work revolves around identity formation in an era of technocapitalist amplification and perpetual online presence. Jones explores society’s anthropological adaptations intertwined within the framework of networked capitalism – its coping mechanism of coming to terms with challenged ontological axioms of cognition, affect and memory. Under the alias MBJ Wetware, Jones develops immersive live performances simulating heterotopian landscapes.