Kiona Hagen Niehaus - Assembling Desire / ID-Me

Assembling Desire: an exploration of the artist’s sexuality as developed in a social context in which femme sexual desire for queer femmes does not exist. In representing a grey area of desire, Niehaus explores its tensions, limitations and possibilities. This piece uses a variety of displays linking video, photography, 3D avatars, and sound with a wearable piece which the artist interacts with others and herself while wearing in order to trigger different playback sequences.

ID-Me: questions the common narrative about static visual identity among queer women, and highlights collective anxiety about belonging while reaching toward a commonality of experience. This piece represents a variety of queer women visually in the form of 3D human avatars; these avatars are in the likeness of women who volunteered to be included in this project. These avatars are controlled by the participant’s pulse via a sensor.

Kiona Hagen Niehaus is a computational artist, photographer, and writer living in London. She obtained a BFA in Photography and a minor in Art History from Pratt Institute in 2013, and subsequently moved to Berlin, Germany. Driven by the desire to make her visual work interactive, she is currently a student on the MFA course in Computational Studio Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. Through her artistic work, Niehaus aims to create experiences that challenge norms of gender and sexuality, often playing on and subverting gendered dynamics in artistic spaces. She uses her own experiences as a femme lesbian to discuss societal, community, and interpersonal mechanisms of sexuality as a site of simultaneous control and exploration.