Joseph Smith - When Old Technologies Were New

When Old Technologies Were New: An audiovisual installation utilizing technologies from the past and present to imagine and propose technology of the future. In retrospect, the landscape of progress is visibly fluid. By the time a new invention or product is fully realised, the next generation version is, more often the not, in the latter stages of development. This perpetual cycle of technological rebirth places us in a constant state of flux. This work uses exploration of a digital landscape (Google Earth) as a seed from which to generate sound and visuals that represent and challenge the idea of always existing on the verge of this 'next future'.

Joseph Smith is a 22 year old artist and musician from West Yorkshire. He completed his undergraduate studies in Popular Music at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2015, and is now working towards the completion of an MA in Computational Arts at the same institution. Working across a wide range of mediums including hardware, software, video and sound, most of his work stems from the crossover between contemporary art, science, and the natural world. Drawing on these sources as a starting point, he seeks to provide a thought-provoking and creative challenge to common preconceptions that surround his inspirations. He also composes electronic music under the pseudonym Crypt Thing and has shown work at exhibitions, festivals and galleries around the UK.