Jayson Haebich - Future Applied Technologies™

Future Applied Technologies™: the world leader in speculative technologies announces the next generation of data processing with its Phosphorescent based computing architecture that delivers substantial increase in speed and processing power. The QuantumCore i67 Phosphoresium Processors® and PhotoQuantic® memory systems make it easy to integrate with existing technologies such as cloud computing, data farms, meta data collection, personal metric tracking and corporate virtualisation. This new technology utilises the latest in Quantum and Phosphorescent based computing to deliver scalable capacity and automated data movement without disrupting users or applications, resulting in seamless consolidation with your business or research institution. www.FutureAppliedTechnologies.info

My work is inspired by the systems and processes of technology and science. I am very much interested in the way in which we can use artistic methods and techniques to explore the worlds of science and mathematics. This exploration is used as a way to imagine the the future of technology, how it can be used and what form it might take. By creating installation based works I aim to create works which speculate on a type of technology that might exist in the future and encompasses fields such as quantum computing, light interaction, theoretical programming languages, future interfaces and more.