Gregory White - In/Ex-terior / In C++

In/Ex-terior: Unfolding interior and exterior space in Brutalist architecture.

In C++: A software interpretation of Terry Riley's landmark minimalist composition In C, built in the C++ programming language, for installation and performance. An ensemble of virtual performers make decisions in real-time about how to navigate the piece, resulting in a unique performance each time. 

Gregory White is an artist working with code, sound, and image. Fine art, photography, filmmaking, sound design, creative coding, and human-computer interaction are all areas Greg actively pursues, as he believes that each informs the other. He attended the University of East Anglia where he received a First Class Honours degree in Music Technology, specialising in Sonic Arts. After being introduced to programming through the building of his own instruments and interactive performances, Greg came to Goldsmiths to learn more about how code can be used as a creative tool. This led him to experiment with sound, image, and interaction, and develop interests in procedural generation and emergent behaviour.