Gabriel Comym - Signs

Signs: Sign systems are products of human intelligence constantly changed by demand. As the philosopher of science Jacob Bronowski remarked: “The images play out for us events which are not present to our senses, and thereby guard the past and create the future - a future that does not yet exist, and may never come to exist in that form.” In a time where general digitisation of channels wipes off the differences among individuals. Information is reduced to surface effects, known to consumers as interface. The symbolic encompasses linguistic signs in their materiality and technicity. Letters and codes form a finite set without taking into account philosophical dreams of infinity. The imaginary, however, comes about as the mirror image of a body that appears to be. Signs is a human-machine collaboration on modern calligraphy and the explorational practice of procedurally generated linguistic symbols.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gabriel Comym is a graphic designer, Hyper Island Stockholm Interactive Art Director and Goldsmiths' MA Computational Arts graduate currently based in London. Passionate about digital arts, typography and visual culture, he aims to bring best practices of the classical international typographic style applied to cutting edge digital products. Gabriel has had his work recognised by specialist publications and international awards such as D&AD and Computer Arts UK as well as various Behance appearances. Inspired by modern semiotics theories, he searches for the fine balance between authenticity in digital artworks - lost in the monopoly of bits and bytes - and handmade crafted pieces. A white canvas, a blank screen, hand-written algorithms, hand-made strokes, the machine procedural precision and the imperfections of human gestures are the foundations of his artwork. Signs is a human-machine collaboration on modern calligraphy and the explorational practice of new imaginary and linguistic symbols.