Eun Lee - Plastic Being

Plastic Being: Humans have been always dreaming of immortality. The fear and regret of the end of life created the concept of the afterlife. Now, that imaginary world may actually become true through technological development. As amputated people mount prosthetic body parts on their limbs, exchanging body parts or organs to extend life may be possible in the near future. What if we can choose our looks and change them, who would we be? Furthermore, what is living in this world, what is the meaning of life to us? Plastic Being will explore these questions through experiencing the exchangeable and augmented body indirectly in a virtual reality world.

Eun Lee is interested in the relationship between humans and machines, the extension of sensory and cognitive experiences through technology, and the brilliant future that the technology will bring us. Her artworks investigate post humanism and artificial creatures as potentially the next main species in our universe. She intends to explore this through narrative immersive media such as virtual reality and augmented reality technologies which link our world with other worlds.

After finishing her biology and psychology courses, and while studying in Communication Design, she became fascinated with how interactive artworks could connect with audiences. This led her to work as a digital contents planner and production manager for a cutting edge digital design company in Korea. During that time, she participated in the planning and production of many multimedia and theme park projects including; holographic performances which cross virtual worlds with reality.