Darja Peterca - Pictor

Pictor is an interactive installation in a form of a drawing machine, exploring the relationship between human and machine, but also how technology might become an extension of humanity. As we create technologies, these technologies become carriers of our intentions, and hence extensions of them.

Darja’s current practice mainly features custom software and/or prepared electronic equipment that together create a drawing machine of some kind. It is focused on a dialogue between a device and a spectator, but also how the spectator gets affected by work. This dialogue promotes interactivity that goes beyond reception, a sort of digital embodiment, which encourages relations between bodily and machine rhythms. The spectator is invited to take up a position within an arrangement, giving it life, complementing the work, and taking part in the formulation of its meaning. He/she is consequently being a part of a ‘democratic’ meeting, taking on a higher level of participation. Only by being able to receive, to be actively engaged or activated by the environment is when a sensory experience is formed, where it is actually confirmed, articulated and lastly, understood. It can be seen as a catalyst for transformation, where the participant being immersed in a work of art is at the same time being transformed by it.